Strand - Utility Commands

These are useful utility commands that you can install on your server to improve communication and general use.

This directory assumes that you understand the basics of adding commands. We assume you are using the default command prefix, ?. Commands with inputs are denoted as ?command [input]. Commands with choice inputs are denoted as ?command [input1/input2].

Trigger Use Command Code
?say [message] Makes the bot say a specified message (Requires Server Moderator). {delete}
?dm [user] [message] Makes the bot direct message a specified message to a user (Requires Server Moderator). {delete}
?embed [message] Creates an embedded message. {delete}
{!announce {channel} $1+}
?owner [message] Sends a direct message to the server owner. {delete}
{dm:{server.ownerID}}{user} sent you a message! Message: **$1+**
{!announce {channel} {user}, your message has been sent to the server owner! :mailbox_with_mail:}
?pomodoro Sets a Pomodoro Timer for the user. {delete}
{dm}:tomato: Tick tock! Your pomodoro timer has been set, {user}!
{!remindme {user} Your pomodoro timer just ended! in 25 minutes}
?mention [user] [message] Mentions a user with a message, as well as shows their current status. {delete}
$1.user.mention **($1.user.status)** | $2+
?link [link] [description] Embeds a clickable link button with a description. {delete}
{!announce {channel} [Link](https://$1) | $2+}
?superclean Cleans the channel of Dyno commands and messages {delete}
{!purge startswith {prefix}}
All Dynobot messages and commands in this channel have been cleaned!
?advdm [user] [message] Sends a DM to a user and posts an embed with the message confirmation (requires Server Administrator). {delete}
{require:serverAdmin} {dm:$1}
{!announce {channel} {user}, I've sent a dm to $1.user.mention saying "$2+".}
?advsay [channel] [message] Sends a message as Dyno to a channel and posts an embed with the message confirmation (requires Server Administrator). {delete}
{!announce {channel} Alright, I've sent a message to {#$1} saying "$2+".}
?dashboard Posts a link to the server dashboard. {user}.username}, here is the dashboard link for {server} - .
?lookup [user] Shows information about the specified user (Updated by TheSilentPro#9920). {!announce {channel} :bust_in_silhouette: | Information about **$1.user.username#$1.user.discriminator:**

:white_medium_small_square: | User ID: **$**
:white_medium_small_square: | Account Creation: **$1.user.createdAt EST**
:white_medium_small_square: | Server Join: **$1.user.joinedAt EST**
:white_medium_small_square: | User Status: **$1.user.status**
:white_medium_small_square: | User Avatar Link: [Click Here]($1.user.avatar)}
?panel (module) Links to a specific module on the dashboard.
List of modules: autoroles, customcommands, moderation, music, autoresponder, tags, actionlog, announcements, automessage & automod.
{!announce {channel} {}, here's the [$1]({}/$1) panel link.}
?pingmods [message] Pings the moderators with a message. Requires two roles: Trusted & Moderator and one channel: #mod-pings. {delete}
{!mentionable Moderator}
{!announce role Moderator {#mod-pings} {user.mention} ({user.username}) | $1+ | Command used in {channel}}
{!mentionable Moderator}
The moderators have been pinged!
?status [user] Checks the status of the specified user. **$1.user.username** has the status: **$1.user.status.**