Strand - Moderation Commands

Are your server users going too crazy? Here are some Moderation Modules and Commands to add to your server.

This directory assumes that you understand the basics of adding commands. We assume you are using the default command prefix, ?. Commands with inputs are denoted as ?command [input]. Commands with choice inputs are denoted as ?command [input1/input2].

Trigger Use Command Code
?badnick [user] Changes the user's name to "Something Suitable" and informs them of a violation (Requires Server Moderator). {delete}
{dm:$1}$1.user.username, your nickname was changed by moderator {user} as it did not comply with the server rules.
{!setnick $1 Something Suitable}
?cooldown [user] Mutes a user for 2 minutes and removes their last five messages. {delete}
{!mute $1 2m Cooldown}
{!purge $1.user.mention 5}
$1.user.mention, please cool down for 2 minutes.