The Strand

A group of people dedicated to making custom commands for the popular Discord bot Dyno.

Our Commands

The Strand makes many different Custom Commands for Dyno, which can be separated into four catogories. This section is still being updated.

Entertainment Commands

Commands and game modules for entertainment in your server.


Useful commands for communication and general server improvement.

Moderation System

Commands and modules to help you moderate your server.


We have many other commands to make it much easier to use Dyno on your server!

About Us

The Strand is an organization made up of people united in creating Custom Commands and Modules for the Discord Bot Dyno. Founded in July 2018, our community includes people from America, Singapore, and all over the world, all connected by our love for innovation and our passion for creativity. We're innovative with our techniques, using them to create new and cutting edge commands. We're passionate about pushing the limits of what can be achieved with Custom Commands in Dyno and invite you to join us, whether it be by trying out our modules and commands, or by submitting your own commands and creations.

You can find more information about each of our Team members and their interests on the Team page below.

Disclaimer: While the Strand provides Custom Commands and Modules for free use, we are not connected to the Dyno team as an official subdivision nor sponsored by them in any way, shape, or form.